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Photo Art: Reena Kapoor. Instagram: @1StarDusty

My posts — sent once- or twice-a-month — typically carry a poem, a short story or reflection, accompanied with an essay trying to make sense of this ride, along with a photo. All of these are my original creations.

Yes it’s just art.

My mission is one of simply sharing these creations, with the audacious hope that perhaps these can help brighten our days, or help us dig a little deeper into what makes this ride meaningful or even help find new direction when darkness threatens…

Whatever it is, if I am able to bring to you a momentary joy or recognition of life or even a temporary resonance, I will be thrilled!

All my posts are here.

A few samples include The Postman that hearkens back to a bygone era, Liminal Suspension on impossible spaces we immigrants choose to inhabit, Chasing Gratitude on the art of giving thanks and Making sense of life - and death that ponders mortality. I also write about loss, personal grief and those who go tragically unsung.

Let me know if you find something interesting, encouraging or simply curious here. Do tell me if you do, and please share with others.