“Wandering, sometimes lost” Photo/art credit: Reena Kapoor

Dear Reader:


I find myself squarely in “middle age” and intrusive questions have begun presenting themselves. I want to know if/what my fellow travelers think about them. So in 2021 I decided to launch this newsletter (?).

I actually don’t know what to call it because it’s not “news”, and I find “blog” very 2001-ish so I don’t know what it is, and it doesn’t matter, but I guess it is a letter I send out regularly to life — as I find it — and to you, dear reader.

“To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself.”
―Anne Rice

PS> I got on a cadence of posting every week but that started to feel like too much for me (I wanted to have more time for study and generation), and for you to consume. So now, as of April 2024, I’m slowing it down to savor more!

Here’s what you can expect —

  • Every other Friday a 100-word piece (exactly 100, not 99, not 101) - a story, poem or prose poem

  • And once in a few Sundays — may be two, four or who knows when — a longer post with a poem, a short story and/or an essay

  • All my posts arrive with at least one of my photos/photo-art.

I share these creations, with the audacious hope that they might brighten our days, or help us dig a little deeper into what makes this ride meaningful or even help me — or I daresay, my readers — find new directions when darkness or opacity threatens. Whatever it is, if I’m able to bring you a momentary joy or recognition of life or even a temporary resonance, I will be thrilled!

All my posts are here. Write to me in comments (best way), or via email, if you’re shy at arrivalsanddepartures@substack.com.


If you subscribed and are not seeing my posts please check your SPAM/Junk folders. For now all of my content is free but I appreciate your support if you choose to do so.

…and a little bragging

Literary Work: My poems and short fiction have also been published in The Bluebird Word, Literary Yard, Active Muse, Academy of the Heart & Mind, Flash Fiction Forum, Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, 433 Magazine, Tiny Seed Journal, Poet’s Choice, Visible Magazine, Writing in a Woman’s Voice and India Currents.

Plays: I’m also a playwright. Several of my works have been produced in 2021 and 2023. You can read more here.

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